Hand Stripping of the Wire, Coarse and Broken Coated Breeds - San Diego, CA

Hand stripping is recommended for the proper coat texture, amazing color and skin maintenance. Stripping is not painful when done correctly. The wiry or coarse top coat is loosely rooted and is not attached like our own hair or breeds with other types of coats.

Wire or coarse coated breeds that are hand stripped can be maintained at a two through eight week interval. Grooming schedules 
are based on the breed standard's coat length and styling. Hand stripping is extremely labor intensive and, therefore more expensive. On broken-coated terriers and other broken or combination-coated breeds a combination method of hand stripping and clipping is also available. The combination method offers some dog owners a less costly, affordable option.

While in my care, you can relax knowing your dog is enjoying a soothing hydro spa with all my attention and pampering on them. My state-of-the-art grooming studio is free of cages, with no waiting, and no separation anxiety. I use all natural products that have been engineered and proven to maximize the beauty of your dog's coat and safe for our environment. 

I am skilled in breed specific grooming and coat conditioning with 15 years experience showing dogs. My dogs have earned American Kennel Club's (AKC) Championship Titles based on breed standard and expert grooming. My grooming technic is to treat all dogs like my show dogs...a happy dog wins the show! I'm committed to a caring, stress-free, convenient experience which will keep your dog very happy and expertly groomed. It's truly all about your dog!

Rates are based on your breed, size and special needs. 

An active member with the American Kennel Club, The Obedience Club of San Diego, Western Fox Terriers Breeders Association, The American Fox Terrier Club and The Wire Fox Terrier Club of Central State.

Joe Punzalan